Abhinay Omkar

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I’m Abhinay, a Senior Software Engineer at Google with over 16 years of experience in the field. I’m currently based in Bangalore, India, and I’m originally from Telangana, India.



Currently at Google, I focus on improving the developer experience for Google Search. Previous teams, Workspace and Material Design. Previously worked at Akamai Technologies & HCL Technologies.

I’ve expertise in front-end technologies, technical leadership, and promoting of a respectful work culture. I believe writing good code is as important as a good design.


I’m a self-taught photographer specialized in Creative Candid Moments, Weddings, Portraits, Travel, and Nature. I started on my own venture as a freelancer in creative candid wedding photography some time ago. I have captured weddings of various traditions all over India, ranging from simple to big fat weddings.



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